Ownership & Funding Info

Maharashtra News (www. jaymaharashtranews.in) is an independent digital journalism initiative and is under Gaurik Enterprises Company registered in India.

Maharashtra News is a reliable and trusted name in the field of Journalism. Our Work Station and News Room are composed of reporters, sub-editors and videographers.

We have a separate team for Start-Up stories and the Finance sector. We have partnerships with a number of advertising providers for display ads throughout our website to meet the expenditures of the Company. Gaurik Enterprises is a privately owned company incorporated under the Companies act 1956.

Revenue Model: We have a self-sustained, bootstrapped and advertising-based revenue model generated through online advertisements and sponsored articles. We are consistently working towards securing grants for the journalism work we do.

Principles: We have a strict policy of not taking funds from political parties or political leaders, which is elaborated in Our Non-Partisanship Policy.