Editorial Team

Editorial Team

Our team, who has worked voluntarily for the most part since its inception, consists of engineers, social activists, journalists and scientists. Hence, we have the capacity to cover various news from politics, legal issues, caste-based and religious discrimination, gender rights, labour & farmer struggles, as well as health and medicine related misinformation.

To contribute to Info In Marathi, email editorialteam@jaymaharashtranews.in

Vishal Patil


Vishal Patil is the co-founder and editor of Maharashtra News. Previously, he’s worked in multiple technology companies as a Content Creator with his main focus area being Technological Content. He’s also a member of Robin Hood Army, a Non Funded and Non-Profit organisation based in Pune.

Kiran Patil

Cultural Editor

kiran Patil is the Editor for Info In Marathi Cultural and works as a Content Creator in Nashik. He holds a Masters in Social Work. He specialises in monitoring and researching mis/disinformation at Info In Marathi. He also manages the Info In Marathi Hindi portal.

Nikita R


Nikita her career working as a market research fellow, however, her deep-seated interests in media and a knack for writing led him to the field of journalism. He works in the capacity of a writer at Info In Marathi, actively pursuing media misreports.